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Men's Divisions & Cup 2016-2017

The league consists of two men's divisions of 8 teams that will play each other twice at Bow School.  This venue may change in 2017.  

Sunday 9th October 2016
10:15 Stratford Royals-39, Mudchute Moneyball-63
11:40 London Shadows-56, London Sharks-76
13:15 Southside Titans-51, The Smurfs-37
14:45 EY Beamers vs. Soul (Postponed)

Sunday 16th October 2016
10:15 The Smurfs-61, Mudchute Moneyball-45
11:40 EY Beamers-53, London Sharks-56
13:15 Stratford Royals-62, London Shadows-52
14:45 Southside Titans-38, Soul-61

Sunday 23rd October 2016
10:15 Southside Titans-47, Mudchute Moneyball-43
11:40 The Smurfs-58, London Shadows-43
13:15 EY Beamers-80, Stratford Royals-57
14:45 Soul-67, London Sharks-44

Saturday 29th October 2016   
14:15 London Spartans-40, Mandraikos BCL-54
15:40 Knights-88, MUFG Samurai-32
17:15 Greenwich Admirals vs. London Commodores (Postponed)

Sunday 30th October 2016
10:15 The Smurfs-50, EY Beamers-68
11:40 Southside Titans-41, London Sharks-75
13:15 Mudchute Moneyball-54, London Shadows-46
14:45 Soul-66, Stratford Royals-54

Saturday 5th November 2016 (from 12:30)
12:45 London Amazonians-41, Knights-54
14:15 London Spartans-65, MUFG Samurai-19
15:40 Greenwich Admirals-51, Mandraikos BCL-54

Sunday 6th November 2016
10:15 Southside Titans-44, London Shadows-56 
11:40 London Sharks-78, Stratford Royals-45
13:15 Mudchute Moneyball-54, EY Beamers-51
14:45 Soul-63, The Smurfs-54

Cup Weekend First Round, Saturday 12th November 2016
12:45 C011: Southside Titans-0, EY Beamers-20
14:15 C012: London Sharks-83, London Amazonians-67
15:40 C013: Soul-69, Knights-47
17:15 C014: London Spartans-68, London Commodores-39

Cup Weekend First Round, Sunday 13th November 2016
12:45 C015: Stratford Royals-36, Greenwich Admirals-44
14:15 C016: Mudchute Moneyball-31, Mandraikos BCL-52
15:40 C017: MUFG Samurai-37, The Smurfs-68

Saturday 19th November 2016 (from 12:30)
12:45 London Commodores-47, Knights-76
14:15 Mandraikos BCL-61, MUFG Samurai-29
15:40 London Spartans-66, London Amazonians-69

Sunday 20th November 2016
10:15 Southside Titans-88, Stratford Royals-39
11:40 London Shadows-63, EY Beamers-79
13:15 London Sharks-57, The Smurfs-44
14:45 Mudchute Moneyball-30, Soul-77

Saturday 26th November 2016 (from 12:30)
12:45 London Commodores-40, London Spartans-56
14:15 Mandraikos BCL-44, London Amazonians-54
15:40 Greenwich Admirals-59, MUFG Samurai-68

Sunday 27th November 2016            
12:45 Greenwich Admirals-52, Knights-58
14:15 MUFG Samurai-37, London Amazonians-98
15:40 Mandraikos BCL-52, London Commodores-23

Saturday 3rd December 2016             
10:15 Knights-61, London Spartans-55
11:40 MUFG Samurai-40, London Commodores-54
13:15 Greenwich Admirals-46, London Amazonians-86

Sunday 4th December 2016 
12:45 Southside Titans-46, EY Beamers-59
14:15 Stratford Royals-53, The Smurfs-59
15:40 London Sharks-69, Mudchute Moneyball-43
17:15 London Shadows-36, Soul-58

Saturday 14th January 2017
10:15 Mandraikos BCL-49, London Spartans-35
11:40 MUFG Samurai-52, Knights-65
13:15 London Commodores-62, Greenwich Admirals-72

Sunday 15th January 2017 
10:15 London Sharks-46, EY Beamers-48
11:40 Mudchute Moneyball-50, The Smurfs-41
13:15 London Shadows-69, Stratford Royals-56
14:45 Soul-54, Southside Titans-43

Saturday 21st January 2017           
10:15 MUFG Samurai-28, London Spartans-60
11:40 Knights-59, London Amazonians-60
13:15 Mandraikos BCL-62, Greenwich Admirals-57

Sunday 22nd January 2017 
10:15 Mudchute Moneyball-58, Southside Titans-59
11:40 London Sharks-34, Soul-68
13:15 London Shadows-65, The Smurfs-57
14:45 Stratford Royals-0, EY Beamers-20

Saturday 28th January 2017         
10:15 MUFG Samurai-44, Mandraikos BCL-95
11:40 Knights-73, London Commodores-66
13:15 London Amazonians-66, London Spartans-49

Sunday 29th January 2017
10:15 London Sharks-0, Southside Titans-20
11:40 London Shadows-64, Mudchute Moneyball-52
13:15 EY Beamers-52, The Smurfs-37
14:45 Stratford Royals-0, Soul-20

Cup quater-finals, Saturday 4th February 2017
10:15 C019: winner C011 vs winner C014 EY Beamers-67, London Spartans-40
11:40 C020: winner C012 vs winner C013 London Sharks-49, Soul-51
13:15 C021: winner C015 vs winner C018 Greenwich Admirals-65, London Shadows-50
14:45 C022: winner C016 vs winner C017 Mandraikos BCL-45, The Smurfs-44

Sunday 5th February
10:15 Greenwich Admirals-75, London Commodores-56
11:40 EY Beamers-59, Soul-46

Saturday 11th February 2017           
12:15 London Amazonians-34, Mandraikos BCL-77
13:40 London Spartans-58, London Commodores-42
15:15 MUFG Samurai-40, Greenwich Admirals-52

Sunday 12th February 2017 (from 12:30)
12:45 London Shadows-66, Southside Titans-43
14:15 Stratford Royals-59, London Sharks-96
15:40 EY Beamers-33, Mudchute Moneyball-36
17:15 The Smurfs-60, Soul-54

Saturday 18th February 2017            
12:15 London Amazonians-58, MUFG Samurai-34
13:40 London Commodores-32, Mandraikos BCL-50
15:15 Knights-55, Greenwich Admirals-54

Sunday 19th February 2017
10:15 Stratford Royals-70, Southside Titans-54 
11:40 EY Beamers-50, London Shadows-46
13:15 The Smurfs-47, London Sharks-71
14:45 Soul-53, Mudchute Moneyball-39

Saturday 25th February 2017 
10:15 London Amazonians-20, London Commodores-0
11:40 Knights-42, Mandraikos BCL-44
13:15 Greenwich Admirals-77, London Spartans-49

Sunday 26th February 2017
10:15 EY Beamers-80, Southside Titans-29
11:40 The Smurfs-52, Stratford Royals-40
13:15 Mudchute Moneyball-45, London Sharks-71
14:45 Soul-57, London Shadows-64

Saturday 4th March 2017 (from 12:30 till 6pm) 
12:45 London Spartans-66, Knights-65
14:15 London Commodores-55, MUFG Samurai-47
15:40 London Amazonians-86, Greenwich Admirals-45

Sunday 5th March 2017         
10:15 London Spartans-78, Greenwich Admirals-31
11:40 London Commodores-50, London Amazonians-62
13:15 Mandraikos BCL-56, Knights-36

Saturday 1st April 017, Cup Semi-finals
10:15 C023: winner C019 vs winner C022, EY Beamers vs. Mandraikos BCL
12:00 C024: winner C020 vs winner C021, Soul vs. Greenwich Admirals

Sunday 26th March
10:15 The Smurfs-57, Southside Titans-32
11:40 Mudchute Moneyball-54, Stratford Royals-43
13:15 London Sharks-70, London Shadows-68
14:45 Soul-57, EY Beamers-44

Sunday 9th April
Play-off:  Mandraikos BCL-66, London Spartans-47
Play-off:  London Amazonians-71, Knights-65
Play-off:  Soul-61, The Smurfs-30
Play-off:  EY Beamers-42, London Sharks-47

14th, 17th April Bank Holiday

Finals, Sunday 23rd April 
Cup final 2 hours
Soul-71, Mandraikos BCL-49

Finals, Sunday 30th April 
Men's Division Two Final B:  London Spartans-20, Knights-0
Final 2:  Mandraikos BCL vs. London Amazonians
Men's Division One play-off final:  London Sharks-69, Soul-62

Men's Division 2 Final 14th May
Mandraikos BCL-79, London Amazonians-63