Players' Corner

About Players' Corner
London Amateur Basketball League (LABL) have their own local teams who play each other throughout the season. These league games take place in parallel and entirely separately to EB, BUCS and other college / university games.  This area of our site contains information regarding our own teams, scores, etc.

Format of LABL Teams
The format is two Men's divisions of 8 teams, playing each other twice in a central venue league, with two qualified referees and two qualified table officials, and appropriate equipment provided by the league.  The venue is Raines Foundation School (Approach Road, London E2 9LY).  

Teams need to pay the fee (£890.00) plus each player's individual registration with England Basketball (£8 per adult player).  There is the option of paying by instalments.  

The league will start on the 19th October 2013 and will play its play-off finals by April 2014.  By paying the league fee clubs are provided with the following:

  • Club Registration; 
  • Personal Cover Insurance with England Basketball; 
  • Court hire;
  • Referees' and Table Officials' Fees;
  • Equipment
  • Trophies.