Officials' Responsibility

Once an official is registered with us, each official must then:

1. Complete The Non-Availability Form

The Non-Availability Form1 is expected to be submitted online each month throughout the season. Officials will need to put dates when they are not available. Completion of this form is necessary to be able to officiate this season.

All officials will be sent an email reminder before the start of each month to complete their non-availability. Thereafter, it is the official's responsibility to ensure their non-availability form is completed for at least that month.

All registered LABL officials will be reminded by email to complete this.

2. Check Their Appointments Online

All appointments will be published at least one week prior to the scheduled game and will appear in a list under the relevant month under the Fixtures & Appointments section of this website.

There will be NO email reminders, telephone calls or text reminders to officials from us2. It will be assumed that an official will be able to officiate the game to which they are assigned online.   
It is therefore the official's responsibility to ensure they check and confirm their appointments on this website.

There may be occasions when last-minute appointments may need to be made.  If this is less than week before the scheduled game, the official to be appointed will be contacted directly by the Appointment's Officer to confirm that appointment.