Licensing & Registration

Who is this page for?

This registration page is for intending referees or table officials - NOT players.  If you're interested in playing basketball, please click here.

For those who wish to officiate for LABL, you will need to follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Register and Licence with England Basketball (EB)

If this is your first time officiating for EB games, you will need to
register online and licence yourself as an official with EB first.  

Once you have paid EB your licence fee, you will be issued a licence by EB which is valid for one year (i.e. one season).

If you have previously held an EB officiating licence, you will need to renew it for this coming season.  

The cost of the licence will depend upon the level of games you wish to officiate1.    
1 Price lists are available on the EB website