Expenses & Fees: EB Games

The following match fee rates will apply for season 2012 / 2013 for England Basketball games:


Type of Game



Table Off's


3 Man officiating
National Cup – Men, National Cup – Women QF onwards
D1 Men and Women, D2 Men Playoffs QF onwards
Men’s National Trophy and Patrons Cup SF onwards





Division 1 Men





International - Under 18 Men.





Division 2 Men





National Trophy - Men - Rnd 1 & 2 / Pool Games.





Patrons Cup Pool Games.





International - Under 18 Women.





Division 1 Women





Division 3 Men.





Men’s National Shield.





Division 2 Women, North and South – incl. Playoffs.
Division 4 Men - incl. Playoffs.





National Cup – Women – Rounds up to QF.
National Founders Cup – Quarter Final onwards.





Women’s National Trophy





National Founders Cup

Under 18, Under 16, Sureshot National Cup & Playoff games (not including Finals) - MAX CLAIM (U18/16) £25 INCL. EXPS





Under 15, 14 and 13 & Playoff games (not including Finals) -MAX CLAIM (U15/14/13) £25 INCL. EXPS 
Maximum claim not applicable for Triangular Tournaments





Level 4 Referee / Level 4 Table Official. (Senior).





Level 3 Referee / Level 3 Table Official.





Level 2 Referee / Level 2 Table Official.





Level 1 Referee / Level 1 Table Official (Apprentice).




Information above is taken from England Basketball website, correct for season 2012 / 2013

20.2        Expenses paid to referees will either be in the form of:

                Travel by Rail:  The actual fare paid up to a maximum of second class ordinary return.

                Travel by Road:  35.0p per mile. This figure does not apply where the official is using a company car, in which case the rate shall be 18.0p per mile for all mileage. (NB - see also official’s expenses claim forms for further details)

 20.3        The maximum travel expenses a Commissioner may claim is 100 miles at 35p per mile.

The maximum travel expenses a Table Official may claim is 150 miles at 35p per mile.
                For double-header appointments only one set of travel expenses may be claimed.

  20.4       For all officials, a subsistence allowance of £10.00 may be claimed when an official is necessarily away from home in excess of 10 hours.

  20.5       For appointments to all National Competition Finals England Basketball will determine the appropriate match fee and mileage rate and or the level of expenses that will apply.

  20.6       In the case of disputes over the payment of fees and expenses the following standard principles will apply: -

(i)    A referee who travels to a game, having been legitimately requested to do so, should receive their normal travelling expenses from the home club.

(ii)   The match fee for officiating should only be paid when the official actually officiates in the match in question.

  20.7       In the case of a referee arriving at a match at such a time as to be unable to officiate the whole match the following will apply: -

(i)    Where an official who has been appointed to a match is unable to officiate at the whole match or in any other case where travelling difficulties or similar problems have arisen, the total amount to be paid by the home club or promoter should be calculated on the basis of fees and expenses that would have been paid if no difficulties had arisen and the intended appointment had been fulfilled in the normal way. The Commissioner will determine the actual payment to be made to each of the officials involved, so that equitable levels are paid to the person involved.

(ii)   England Basketball may, in special circumstances, decide to modify the decision of the Commissioner and order further payment or repayment, as it deems appropriate.

(iii)  England Basketball may fine a club or an official or both for actions, which may have lead to difficulties under this regulation and may order payment or compensation as it deems appropriate.

  20.8       England Basketball shall publish online a list of all fixtures and Officiating Appointments. It is the responsibility of the official to ensure he/she gains access to this information on a weekly basis. Should a club alter any of the information after its publication, the club is responsible for informing the officials of the change.

*The Maximum total to be claimed for match fee and expenses at all EBL Junior and Cadet games is £25.00