Getting Paid

LABL is changing the way it pays officials- coming soon!

In the past, LABL have operated a system whereby an official gets paid by the home club after the game.  However, we would like to introduce a new system for the payment of officials in which the clubs pay LABL in advance and LABL pays the officials directly.  The new system will involve LABL asking officials for their account number and sort code and transferring across the correct amount via the online banking system, BACs.

This has a number of advantages including:
  • Ensuring all LABL officials are paid in a consistent and timely fashion;
  • Saving LABL time in chasing up clubs who fail to pay officials the correct amount or not at all;
  • It is a reliable, quick and safe way of paying officials as well as improving the way we invoice clubs. 

How will the new system work?

We will transfer payment to officials on the day that they have officiated, though if it is a weekend, expect payment to come through the next working day.

To set up BACs, you will need to do the following:

1) associate your current email account with Google (which takes less than 2 minutes) so we can then add you to the secure area of our Google site;

2) fill in and submit the Online BACs Form (which takes about a minute).

Then you're done!  

Click here to enter the secure area of our site.
Is it safe to provide bank details?

Yes.  We only ask you for your Account number and Sort Code, and such information can only be used to credit an account and not debit it!  For extra security, LABL shall:
  • Ask officials to enter this data in a secure area of our site where a password shall be required;