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Learning & Development for Officials

This section on our website which provides our officials with information on upcoming workshops, courses and assessments to aid development in officiating basketball.  Whether young or old, a novice or veteran to basketball officiating, we believe you don't stop learning! 

At LABL, we have introduced a number of courses and workshops which we hope will not only provoke critical discussion about game play situations but improve the overall standard of league officials in terms of knowing and applying the rules but also game management.

All our courses are friendly, informal and allow participants to ask those burning questions.  We also prepare those candidates for their respective EB rules and fitness tests to allow them to move on to the next level.

Are you ready for the next level?  Browse the calendar below and let us know if you'd like to attend any of the events.


LABL would like to give priority to those officials who are due for assessments and have not yet had one.  Please let us know if you would like to arrange an assessment in a league game.  

The assessor has to hold an Officiating Level at least one above the level to which the candidate is being assessed; for example, a Level 3 official can assess a Level 2 candidate (ie Level 1 becoming Level 2).

Normally, officials are required to complete three assessments of a senior local game or above within twelve months of successfully completing the course.

Level 2 Referee Course

You do not need to have previous experience or knowledge of basketball officiating.  You will learn the basics in two weekends:  theory, rules and practice.  You will need to pass a theory exam and a brief practical test.  There is no refund or appeal policy; if you fail the theory exam, you can resit it once in the next twelve months.  

Saturday:  2/02:  10am to 3pm, classroom
Sunday 3/02:  12pm to 4pm, practice in basketball court
Saturday 9/02:  10am to 3pm, classroom
Sunday 10/02:  12pm to 4pm, exam and practice in basketball court.


U-18 candidates:  £70
LABL candidates:  £80
Other candidates:  £100

Candidates can apply for a grant (Ian Pollard Development Fund) and request to pay the course fee, uniform, license and registration with England Basketball by instalments.  

There is a workshop for deaf candidates, please contact us for more information on amateurbasketball@yahoo.co.uk 

Other Courses
If you are interested in doing courses in coaching or officiating, we recommend visiting