Officials' Corner

What is Officials' Corner?

LABL wanted to provide an area in which current and aspiring basketball officials can access common materials such as existing and recently introduced FIBA Rules, Rule Interpretations, England Basketball National Officiating Conference material and much more.  We also wanted to make sure our officials were aware of upcoming courses, workshops, fitness tests, etc to aid in progress their officiating career.
We believe that access to this information is crucial in the understanding and application of basketball rules on the court in league games.

Getting Involved

Passionate about basketball?  Want to get even more involved in the game? Keen to develop confidence, interpersonal skills and game management? Ready to learn the rules of basketball and apply them to real-life game scenarios?  If the answer to all those questions is a resounding "Yes", then read on!

Perhaps you're an active player in the sport and fancy getting more involved? Maybe you're a coach who just wants to understand how the referee sees the game?  Maybe you used to play, and just want to give something back to the sport?  

It really doesn't matter about your background.  From former players to coaches, our pool of referees is diverse.  Whatever your level... perhaps you've never even blown a whistle before!  Perhaps you've never seen a scoresheet in your life.  If you've got the patience and dedication to push yourself, are willing to get involved and are receptive to feedback, then this may be right up your street.

Whether you're keen to blow that whistle or score that match for EB this coming season 2012/13, then officiating LABL is a great way to start your development.