Fixtures & Appointments

Who is This For?

The Fixtures & Appointments area of our site is designed for our officials and club representatives who use our service.  In the last three seasons, LABL has employed Assignr that is more streamlined with how Basketball England run their own.  

Whilst LABL endeavour to provide an Appointments service free from errors, we do ask that all officials and club representatives read carefully their responsibilities below. 

Officials' Responsibility

1. Complete The Non-Availability Form

Officials must update their availability on Assignr on regular basis.   

Assignr will email officials reminders to accept or reject a game.  

2. Check Their Appointments Online

All appointments will be published at least one week prior to the scheduled game on Assignr.  

Club Representatives' Responsibility

1. Provide Games Fixtures for the Season

Club representatives will need to provide us with a full schedule of the games they intend to play throughout the season.  The information will need to detail the name of the teams they will be playing (including the age group and competition name) as well as the date, time and venue.

2. Check Their Games Online

All appointments will be published at least one week prior to the scheduled game and will appear in a list under the relevant month under the Fixtures & Appointments section of this website.  It is recommended that club representatives check that their game is listed at least a week before.  If there are problems with occasional last-minute appointments of officials to any one of your games, we will inform you directly3.

3 You will only need to contact us if your game is not listed on our Fixtures & Appointments.  If that is the case, you must do so as soon as possible.