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Existing Users

Club Representatives' Responsibilities

As a registered user of our Appointments Service, we ask that club representatives:

1. Provide Fixtures for the Season

Existing club representatives will need to provide us with a full schedule of the games they intend to play throughout the season*.  

The information should include:
- the name of your team;
- the competition name (e.g. British College Sports);
- the name of the teams they will be playing; 
- the age group;
- date / time of the tip-off;
- the name and location of the venue.

* If you've just recently joined us, you should have already done this part.

2. Check Your Fixtures A Week Before

Club representatives should check that their games are listed at least a week beforehand on our list of Fixtures & Appointments.  

We will inform you directly should we have any problems in officials' availability.  You need to contact us if your game is not on our list**.  

Since we have now started to appoint table officials to various games, it is important that if your game does require table officials, that it should not have 'N/A' in the Table Officials column.  If it does, you should contact the Appointments Officer.

** There is no need to contact us if your game is listed but there aren't two officials listed for it; we will contact you if there are any problems in advance of the game.